Surgery done, working on updating products.

Hello All I’m sorry it is taking me so long to update everyone. I just got out of surgery on the 10th of August and will be having my husband and my little assistant helping me every night with orders, as my right rotator cuff has three screws and around twenty four stitches in it, making my right arm completely useless. However, with the help of my husband and daghter they will be doing the orders every night, my processing time will be extended to around 1-3 weeks. This will be giving me the opportunity to be updating the website and my Etsy store with all the new products and designs I have been working on. If there is a product or design that you would be interested in seeing, please let me know. I will be utilizing Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr a lot more. :) I will also try to stay on top of the websites blog.