Quiet the mind and the soul with Speak Sticker ~ Who likes me Sticker or Water Slide



Quiet the mind and the soul with Speak Sticker ~ Who likes me Sticker or Water Slide, you can choose from any of the cute designs shown and you can have the design cut with either a pre cut (close to the design) or block cuts (not close up) for  transfer, or you can choose the sheet option, and I will put as many (depending on size of each) on the sheet.  If you are wanting to get them all I do also have a bundle grab bag feature that I run typically once a week/every other week.  These can also be made into Sublimation transfer.

When choosing the Size for example:

If you chose the 3″ cut then at least one side will measure 3″ x ?,  one side will be at least 3″ high or wide, typically the height is the 3″ if you want it to be the width please message me to let me know.

These beautiful designs are printed on clear or white Waterslide/ Sticker paper. Each image is laser printed in a high quality resolution (no need to be sealed) only thing you need to do is possibly trim it (as you see fit) and add some water for the water slide or for the sticker you just apply it to your awesome item/tumbler.

The sizes offered are perfectly sized for 20oz, or 30oz, tumbler.  If you have another item you would like to add it to, I also have a number of other sizes available.  I typically keep the ratio of the design intact, and enlarge or decrease the height of the design, so that is does not get distorted.

The actual design will come without the watermark.

***Each clear WATER SLIDE comes in a Block cut ONLY, as it is much easier to apply, then if the image is cut to close to the design.  If you would like the image to be mirrored please notate that in the NOTE section, all images will come printed upright.

Please see the instructions below:
1. Cut out the image (unless not in sheet, then the image comes in a block cut)
2. Place it in warm water for approx. 30 Seconds
3. Wet down area on tumbler that you’d like to place the waterslide
4. Slide the waterslide onto the tumbler.
5. Take a damp paper towel and smooth out and wrinkles in the slide.
6. Let completely dry before adding epoxy.

**STICKERS will give you the OPTION of Block cut or Pre Cut(close to the image) on clear or white paper, please choose carefully on how you want each sticker cut, I have a machine to Pre cut the image out, so it will look more professional.

Please see the instructions below:
1. Peel the sticker off of the paper
2. Apply it onto the tumbler/ or other item you are adding it to.

This listing is for qty (1) laser printed  waterslide/sticker

*******FOR FULL SHEET ORDERS***** in the NOTE SECTION at checkout let me know what size of design you want on the sheet.******

***** MIX n Match ? ******

If there is another design/image on my website that you would like to be put on a waterslide/sticker let me know :). As this is one of our *** Mix n Match*** items :).

**if you see ***Mix n Match*** in the description on any item/product on our website, then it is an image/design that I can add to the other*** Mix n Match*** item/product as well.  So definitely keep an eye out for all the ***Mix n Match** design/images.***

This is a Laser Printed Graphic.


These will not be replaced due to application error.

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***Note: Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different depending on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated the same.***

Additional information

~Design #~

297, 298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308

~Size of Image~

2" High, 2.5" High, 2.75" High, 3" High, 3.25" High, 3.5" High, Full Sheet

~WaterSlide or Sticker

Water Slide, Sticker

~Clear or White Paper~

Clear Paper, White Paper

~Cut or Blocked~

Pre-Cut, Blocked Cut, Sheet, Pre-Cut Sheet


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