Preferred Sellers

Preferred Sellers Plan for Minot Yard Sale! Group

Preferred Sellers will have their sales posts within the group automatically approved. And allowed to use the ????APPROVED VENDOR???? on top of their posts.

They will also be placed on a “Preferred Vendors List”, which will be kept in the announcements section of the group.

More perks may be added in the future.

You may sign up to become a preferred seller using Paypal’s Subscription Services at the following link:

Paypal Subscription

The monthly fee to be a Preferred Seller is $15, which will be automatically billed to you until you cancel.
You may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation your automatic post approval will be removed as well as your spot in the Preferred Vendors List.

All Preferred Sellers are expected to agree to, and abide by the group rules along with the following guidelines.
Flooding the group with posts will not be allowed and should be kept to 1 post a day.
Preferred Sellers must provide high quality goods/services to remain on the Preferred Sellers Plan.
If you are found to be breaking rules or repeatedly providing low quality goods/services, we retain the right to cancel your subscription and no refunds will be provided.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Admin of the group.