Looking good

So I have been busy designing new items and slowly adding them to the site :) So far the site is doing fairly well, thank you to everyone that has placed an order, I will get those products out within the next day.  :) Typically speaking most items get made/designed and shipped within 1-3 days.  I am still looking into internationally shipping, however it is not as easy as I was hoping, and without changing all my shipping I can’t just click a button for it to work :/ but I am still working on it, if there is an international order though, I can send out a paypal invoice and ship the item out to you.

So I have these really cute coin purses that I am just in love with and plan on making one for myself and Kaitlyn here within the week and taking some more pictures of them, they have glitter wroven into them so they are quite sparkly, my photos do not do them justice at all.  anyways if you have any questions, or have an idea of a design you would like to see just let me know :)