Still working on Site

I am so totally excited, about the launch of the new site :)  I seriously feel like this is going to open up an entire new door and really help reach a lot more people, to make the business grow.    I am constantly, adding things and trying to make the website as user-friendly, as possible.  I have asked my two sisters that live in the states to help me out a bit and play around with the site, make sure everything is working good. No bad links, or issues.  If you happen to find one Please Please let me know ASAP so I can fix it :D.  This site has taken me know a bit over 3 weeks to build, however I think I am almost ready to go live.

On a side not,  I just got done finishing a new item, the M & M Trash can, so so cute.  I really like them, I think I may put some as a boarder alongside my car :D.    I haven’t really had time to even play around with some of my new projects because I have been building the website, however once launched, everything should go much much more smoothly :)